Engineer Working on Machinery

Dedicated to Improving Transportation and Powered Equipment Systems

SPI.Systems Corporation is a team of engineers, scientists and business leaders, focused on the performance and environmental impact of transportation and powered equipment systems.



SPI’s mission is to make
“The Future Enabling Technology” available NOW, when it’s so critical.

  • Reduced carbon footprint.

  • Reduced fossil fuel usage.
  • Reduced greenhouse gases.
  • Reduced health hazards.
  • Reduced global warming.

Applying scientific advancement to the improvement of motive power systems through chemical and mechanical engineering. SPI. Systems Corporation makes “Future Enabling Technologies” for diesel emission control into reality

About SPI.Systems Corporation

Founded in 1992, SPI's history includes innovations in computerized products and systems of diagnostics, vehicle service and parts supply on behalf of OEM dealers and independent service organizations.  The company has expanded its focus to include the engineering and production of proven products that enhance engine performance and reduce emissions.