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FreightWaves TV interview with SPI.Systems CEO Jack Schickler​

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

"When you give someone the option to cut emissions now, and also get 20% fuel savings, how does that not sell?"

- Tyler Cole, Director of Carbon Intelligence at FreightWaves

On this episode of Net-Zero Carbon, Tyler Cole, director of carbon intelligence at

FreightWaves, chats with Jack Schickler, founder and CEO of SPI.Systems Corp (SPI),

about the company’s SPIER exhaust reaction system. The system “revolutionizes diesel combustion,” Schickler said. It has been tested nationwide for three years, and it’s now on the market.

“With all the buzz about alternative energy, we started saying, ‘OK, but what do we have available to us right now?’” Schickler said. “We’re on the market — we’re already selling it. It’s ready now. We don’t have to worry about waiting for alternative energy because we’ve got it here, right now in the SPIER system.”

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